I am an avid YA book lover specializing paranormal. I am young at heart, yes, that’s cheesy. I do indulge myself into adult romance now and then. As a kid, I was obsessed with Enid Blyton’s work (Wishing Chair series, Amelia Jane series, etc) and some of the investigators novels (Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys). They were pretty popular in Asia back then. I started with some V.C. Andrews’ books in high school but they are a bit dark in nature.

Fictions takes you to places where only imagination can go, a hideout from real-life. I started to pay more attention to indie writers. Amanda Hocking is one of my favorite and she is one of the successful e-publishing authors. The prices for the mainstream books are getting a bit steep for me.

I have tried Kindle, Nook and iBooks on my iPhone but Kindle is the one for me. iBooks features are impeccable (hey, it’s from Apple) but the book selections are limited at times. They are getting better though on getting new books information onto the store. Kindle is light, easy to use and no taxes on most books (8.25% save for me). Nook is the heaviest app between the three.

Do check out my reviews on books and my bookshelves at GoodReads. I have most of my books on Kindle. Amazon allows me to lend some of the books once for two weeks. If you want to borrow the books, send me a message or email me maggie(at)memorymashups(dot)com with your name, your email and the book information (title/author).

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Maggie’s Books Montage

Beautiful Disaster
Blood Solstice
River Cast
The Iron Quill
Moon Spell
Between the Lines
Drip Drop Teardrop, a novella
Destiny Binds
Destined for a Vampire
For the Love of a Vampire
Every Last Kiss
Sophie & Carter
The Fallen Star
Bitter Demons
Inner Demons
Shadow Demons
Bitter Demons
Inner Demons

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