Brown Eyes

Brown EyesWow. First, considering how short this book was, I was expecting something longer. Second, it felt rushed, the characters are under-developed and the plot disconnected at times. The title has nothing to do with the content of the book. One good thing about this book is it has much better cover than the first book.

The first book left me with the frustration with Ana going back and forth between Tristan and Darren and the second did the exact same thing again. Choosing to be with Darren and she sneaked off to be with Tristan mentally. Make up your mind please?

The author introduced a couple more new characters and lost me, Nadia and Leia. Nadia supposedly was Ana lost baby but somehow she ended up as angel and was send to clip Ana’s wing. Leia was only introduced from the middle of the book with a sympathetic background but ended with huge power from nowhere. Leia was able to manipulate Ana on seeing the future and even reverse time. Darren was supposedly killed in the battle with vampires but then Leia was able to revive him.

With all the hype build up about Daemon, Ana still never got a chance to meet him yet.

Supposedly the third book will be released by end of August. I think I will still get the third book just so I am able to say I complete the trilogy.

********** Updates (July 11, 2011) **********

I just saw the exact same cover with different color scheme. Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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