Succubus Revealed

Succubus RevealedSuccubus Revealed is the final book of one of the most favorite series. I caved in and bought Succubus Blues after falling in love with Vampire Academy series. After reading the first book of the series, I just have to get the rest of the books right away. I am willing to lose sleep over the books and without a doubt to do it all over again if I have to. It is so sad that the series has come to an end.

Parts of Succubus Revealed were pretty predictable but that absolutely did not stop me from reading it. Niphon’s appearance, a glimpse of the future from Nyx, Erik’s hint about the contract and the final straw of Letha name dropping basically tied all the plot together for Succubus Revealed. Even though Succubus Shadows dropped a lot of hints on how the final book will end, I just could not get enough the ups and down of the love and hope from Seth and Georgina’s relationship. I was sad when Seth was staying away from Georgina when he found out the truth from hypnosis. I would think it would bring them even more closer due to the finding-true-love-reincarnation cycles.

With all the perfect setup in Las Vegas, it didn’t stop Georgina’s friends to question the true motive behind all the changes Georgina was presented upon. I guess that’s what real true friends are for. I could not stop giggling at the cheesy scene of Hell where Georgina was being summoned to stand for trial.

A couple of things that I’m going to miss are Ramon, Carter and who can forget the evil bowling league. I was falling in love with Ramon character and sacrifice he made at the end was heroic. I could not get enough of the secretive Carter and I can totally pictured him being the Santa visiting the Mortensens’ and a softie non-stop gifting toys for the girls.

Overall, this is a must-read book if you are a fan Richelle Mead’s work. It worth 4.5 stars for sure. I took off 0.5 star for predictabilities in the book.

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