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Amazon supposedly released Kindle Touch (KT) 8 days earlier than the promised release date but my order was still showing November 23rd, 2011 as delivery date. I just can’t wait that long to get my hands on it so I went by Best Buy to pick up a KT. Best Buy only had KT with special offers and I was a bit reluctant on getting the KT w/ SO. I was still a hesitant on getting the KT at Best Buy because of the special offers but they told me I can turn off the special offers feature once I register the item to my account and pay $40 price difference to turn that feature off and indeed, they were right. I am going to try it out with the special offers and see how much they bugged me or tempted me to spend more money.

The new Kindle Touch doesn’t feel much different in terms of reading to me compared to the Kindle Keyboard except the size and weight. I am still getting used to the menu structure and the touch area to get the menu to show up and turn pages. There are two features which pushed me on getting KT were the new Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and public library lending.

Even without the new release of Kindle, I would never go back to the way of holding physical book. Reading either on the new KT or my iPhone was way too convenient.

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Amazon just announced their latest version of Kindle this morning. One of them will definitely going to my wish list and be one of my Christmas gift to myself. Here the game of eeny, meeny miny, moe begins!

A couple of things I need to stress on Kindle Fire. Wifi support only? No camera? No microphone? 8GB, that’s it? This is like a knock-off version of iPad for $199. No thank you! I am keeping my 64GB iPad 2 which I can use to do the exact same things Kindle Fire can do and more. I watched the short video on Amazon’s Silk, the new browser for cloud content. It looks promising but I still would not buy Kindle Fire until all the winkles are ironed out and getting good reviews from users. So, Kindle Fire is definitely not going onto my wish list.

Check out the prices! Don’t let them fool you. These prices are for the “With Special Offers” or you would call them advertisements. I am not sure what kind of ads Amazon allow on the Kindle but I don’t want to take the risk of bad commercial showing up on a Kindle held by my kids. I would be getting ad-free Kindle for sure. Add $30 or $40 depending on the model for those Kindle without sponsors. Amazon claimed to work hard to charge customer less, have they take a look at the prices for a cover? $59.99 for the leather cover with light!

The older version of Kindle with the keyboard is still available. I would imagine Amazon lowers the price but they didn’t. Surprise surprise! Kindle with keyboard is a better deal than the new Kindle with 5-way controller. I don’t think I like moving the cursor up/down/left/right for typing. That being said, The new Kindle with 5-way controller is not making its way onto my wish list either.

I like this elimination game. Looks like the Kindle Touch is the winner. I still like the Kindle app on my iPhone because I get to read in my bed and in the dark. I do find iPad a bit on the heavy side and reading on iPad outdoor in the direct sunlight sucksI watched the short video on Amazon’s Silk, the new browser for cloud content. It looks promising but I still would not buy Kindle Fire until all the winkles are ironed out and getting good reviews from users.  E-ink is a better alternative.

Being able to check out books from public library is the biggest selling point for me no matter what.

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iBooks vs Kindle vs B&N eReader App

I do like the fancy bookstore in iBooks, the split page view when reading the book in landscape orientation and word look-up in dictionary. The bookmarking concept in iBooks is a bit different, I need to highlight a certain word to set the bookmark. Considering Apple is not really a book seller, I can’t search for books that are being released but not available in digital format unlike Barnes & Noble and Amazon. B&N and Amazon will return books that matches even though digital format is not available and they allow you to send in request to have the book to be printed in digital format through a link. For iBooks, you have to actually send in a request form and the request form is not updated for iBooks either.

Kindle does do the page turning animation but you have to change the settings manually. It wasn’t enabled by default. No page splitting when viewing in landscape in Kindle and that makes it harder to read. The WhisperSync allows you to set bookmark and maintain the bookmark across all devices or apps you have. For example, I was reading the book on my mac, set the bookmark and I can resume the same book at the same page on my iPhone. Kindle doesn’t provide dictionary lookup but it looks like it will be a feature coming soon. I don’t need to backup my purchases, Amazon maintain the backup for me.

B&N did not release eReader for iPad. It will be a zoom-in iPhone version. B&N eReader has a lot of features and I think that makes the app is a bit too heavy to load on iPhone compare to its other competitor. It takes a while for the book to initialize, like it was loading the book for the first time doing pagination.

All 3 ebooks provider charge the same price but being a cheapskate that I am, the books are a tad bit cheaper in Kindle version since Amazon does not charges sales tax while Apple and Barnes and Noble do. “Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit”!

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