Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French KissI saw this book on the September reading list for The Young Adult Book Club on GoodReads site. I thought I gave it a try.

After reading this book, I find myself enjoying YA contemporary more than paranormal literature. The book is good but not great and I can only allow myself to rate it 3 to 3.5 stars. After reading two powerful YA contemporary (Chain Reaction and Beautiful Disaster – I have yet to write a review for Beautiful Disaster), this book was just not up to par compared to them. I guess a lot of readers are sucked in by picturing British accent and handsome St. Claire but accent alone is not a turn-on for me. Josh, however, I could totally fall in love with.

The book was set in Paris (who doesn’t love Paris right?), well, not Anna who was shipped by her dad on her senior year of high school to SOAP, School of America in Paris. Away from her best friend and didn’t speak a word of French made her felt insecure. Ms. Perkins did not go into details on how Etienne St. Clair fall in love with Anna right away and somehow he just did. Even though Anna and Etienne had feelings for each other, they had never spoken it aloud. With them being mum about their feelings, misunderstandings kept piling up. But then, if they were open their feelings, this book won’t be here.

Kudos for creative names, Anna Oliphant (Banana Elephant for nickname) and √Čtienne St. Clair.

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