2012 Apocalypse

It was a huge scare for people living in Northeast after the earthquake with 5.9 magnitude on August 23, 2011, a day after after the earthquake in Colorado. West Coast residents made fun of East Coast residents but I think if I were there in that area, I would be scared too. East Coast residents are just ill-equipped for earthquake.

Hurricane Irene is currently a category 2 hurricane, downgraded from category 3, heading east coast specifically New York area. The last hurricane to make landfall in the USA was Ike, which pounded Texas in 2008. I lost the door (location still unknown) to my yard and part of my roof collapsed.

Heart wrenching tsunami and earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, are all these signs towards 2012? Brace yourself!

Cities are preparing themselves for climate change according to this article but would that be enough?

There are a lot of buzzing about the year 2012. Hollywood even have movies made about it. “The Day After Tomorrow” was one of my favorite. I was doodling about the idea on writing a story post-apocalypse of the year 2059 when the real apocalypse happen in 2043. Can you tell I put a lot of time and effort on the year? 2012 was miscalculated. Meteor storm causing the sea level to rise and all natural resources are all used up by then. Everything is back to stone age era. Would anyone wants to read that? Of course, me being me, I can’t decide and keep going back and forth with realistic fiction or paranormal fiction.

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