iBooks vs Kindle vs B&N eReader App

I do like the fancy bookstore in iBooks, the split page view when reading the book in landscape orientation and word look-up in dictionary. The bookmarking concept in iBooks is a bit different, I need to highlight a certain word to set the bookmark. Considering Apple is not really a book seller, I can’t search for books that are being released but not available in digital format unlike Barnes & Noble and Amazon. B&N and Amazon will return books that matches even though digital format is not available and they allow you to send in request to have the book to be printed in digital format through a link. For iBooks, you have to actually send in a request form and the request form is not updated for iBooks either.

Kindle does do the page turning animation but you have to change the settings manually. It wasn’t enabled by default. No page splitting when viewing in landscape in Kindle and that makes it harder to read. The WhisperSync allows you to set bookmark and maintain the bookmark across all devices or apps you have. For example, I was reading the book on my mac, set the bookmark and I can resume the same book at the same page on my iPhone. Kindle doesn’t provide dictionary lookup but it looks like it will be a feature coming soon. I don’t need to backup my purchases, Amazon maintain the backup for me.

B&N did not release eReader for iPad. It will be a zoom-in iPhone version. B&N eReader has a lot of features and I think that makes the app is a bit too heavy to load on iPhone compare to its other competitor. It takes a while for the book to initialize, like it was loading the book for the first time doing pagination.

All 3 ebooks provider charge the same price but being a cheapskate that I am, the books are a tad bit cheaper in Kindle version since Amazon does not charges sales tax while Apple and Barnes and Noble do. “Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit”!

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iPad Keyboard Dock

I just received the iPad keyboard dock today. I’ll be getting the official cover for iPad by Apple soon.

In fact, I am typing this post using the keyboard. The keyboard itself is very quiet, same feature as the regular keyboard from Apple. It also have a couple of extra keys for screen brightness, sound volume, lock screen, search, home, etc. I can also charge my iPad through the dock. The dock has an line out for external speakers.

The only thing I don’t like about the dock is that I can only dock the iPad portrait. Any covers you have need to be taken out. The dock is pretty bulky (not foldable) to carry around. It will be a better combination to get the Apple iPad Case with the wireless bluetooth keyboard.

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My iPad Wifi Review

I put in the order for iPad 3g version but there is no definite date on the release and the Apple employees are not even willing to speculate. I decided to pick up the Wifi version of the iPad so I can play with it while waiting for the 3g model.

There’s no learning curve at all, after all I am the proud owner of all three generations of iPhone. You can run iPhone application on iPad with an exception that they will appear iPhone-size in iPad. The images of the applications are stretched when you zoom in on them. The virtual keyboard on iPad is much bigger than iPhone and I loved it.

It can be a nice digital photo frame since it has a better screen resolution (1024×768) than most digital photo frame on the market. iPad also has a big built-in storage though it does not have a media card reader but you can get the camera connection kit for $29. $499 price tag might be too steep for just a photo frame. Pros definitely outweighs the cons in digital photo frame category. 🙂

I compared a couple of books prices on iBooks and Amazon, they are the same however the iBooks interface is so much more sophisticated. Amazon did came out with Kindle for iPad but the interface has not been updated for a long time. Although, it might be nice to have a tool to convert the books from one format to another.

I was having problem recharging it yesterday. It was taking over 2 hours to charge 20%. Today I have to basically shut it down to reconnect to a wifi which I was connected successfully yesterday. Netflix streaming will freeze from time to time for me. I hit a snag on the ABC app saying the server can’t be contacted, maybe too many people trying to get to it.

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