Bye-bye The Voice Season 1

The Voice
The Voice
Season 1 of The Voice wrapped up last night. Congratulations to Javier Colon! He is the winner of $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Records. Javier is definitely well deserved to be the winner.

Dia and Javier were the top two with the most votes with two percent away from each other.

This show definitely showed that the coaches have good connections. They were able to bring on Pat Monahan (Train), One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, Stevie Nicks and Miranda Lambert to perform for the final result show and doing a duet with the finalist. That duet experience with well known artists will be the most memorable event for the finalists.

It was definitely an emotional night for the coaches. Adam Levine almost cried on national television. Blake acknowledged that Dia will be part of his family now.

It is sad that The Voice is over and I would definitely keep an eye out for the next season to start.

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The Voice 111

The Voice
The Voice
Tonight is the night where Javier Colon, Beverly McClellan, Dia Frampton and Vicci Martinez perform for the final. The coaches opened the night performing “Under Pressure” but it was a weird and messy performance from four different styles and vocals. It was definitely not the performances from the coaches.

iTunes definitely withholding the stats of the sales from its Top 100 chart. None of the songs from The Voice is on Top 100. Usually by now, I can see some within the ranking of the sales on iTunes. I will update intermittently the stats on the iTunes Top 100 on this post.

The finalists will perform each of their own originals. They will also perform a duet with their own coach. There were two performance from professional Pitbull/Ne-Yo “Give Me Everything” and Brad Paisley duet with Blake Shelton “Don’t Drink the Water”.

Javier performed first with his original “Stitch by Stitch” produced by Rodney Jenkins. I can foresee this song becoming number one hits. Javier was totally in his comfort zone and the song is a perfect choice for him.

Dia is the fan favorite. She has the most songs in the Top 100 on iTunes. Dia and Blake performend “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty. Both of them looked dressed like Men in Black but with guitars. It was cool to hear the mix of country and folk styles. They looked like they had fun on stage performing the duet.

Vicci Martinez debut her original “Afraid to Sleep” with a powerful performance. The song was custom made for Vicci. Her performance was so emotional and have such a huge stage presence.

Christina and Beverly duet on Christina’s own original song “Beautiful”. Christina performed beautifully, it’s her own song for heaven’s sake. I am not sure if that song is a good choice for Beverly testosterone strong vocal. I prefer having Beverly performing a rock song.

I think Dia and Blake has the best coach-apprentice relationship. The red dress looked funny on Dia. She is singing her original “Inventing Shadow”. Dia definitely looked comfortable singing while playing the piano but she doesn’t need to. She didn’t looked nervous at all. Blake was like a proud papa looking at his baby all grown up. It was a cool performance with the silhouette dances in the background even though Adam thought they were distracting. This sure will become #1 hit on iTunes just like Blake predicted.

Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” was performed by Adam and Javier. The performance was the best among all the duets in the entire night between the finalist and their coach. Both vocal harmonize against each other.

Beverly’s debut original “Lovesick” and it’s rock genre. It will be in Beverly’s wheelhouse and she rocked the house literally. Forget about what I wrote about Javier’s and Dia’s originals, “Lovesick” is the best original by far of the night.

Lastly, Cee Lo and Vicci performed “Love is a Battlefield” together. It was an explosive performance. As usual, Cee Lo had a wig on. Tonight, he has a red mohawk like a rooster’s comb. The young dancers were impressive.

iTunes Top 100
6/28/2011 9:45 PM #99 – Dia “Losing My Religion”
6/28/2011 10:18 PM #27 Javier “Stitch by Stitch”
#100 Beverly duet “Beautiful”
6/28/2011 10:24 PM #16 Javier “Stitch by Stitch”
#66 Javier duet “Man in the Mirror”
#68 Dia duet “I Won’t Back Down”
#78 Dia “Losing My Religion”
#84 Javier “Fix You”
#89 Vicci “Afraid to Sleep”
6/28/2011 10:31 PM #14 Dia “Inventing Shadow”
#19 Javier “Stitch by Stitch”
#84 Javier “Fix You”
#89 Vicci “Afraid to Sleep”
6/29/2011 7:17 AM #1 Dia “Inventing Shadow”
#3 Javier “Stitch by Stitch”
#13 Javier duet “Main in the Mirror”
#17 Vicci “Afraid to Sleep”
#21 Dia duet “I Won’t Back Down”
#24 Beverly duet “Beautiful”
#40 Beverly “Lovesick”
#46 Dia “Losing My Religion”
#51 Dia “Heartless”
#52 Vicci duet “Love is a Battlefield”
#58 Javier “Fix You”
#88 Vicci “Dog Days Are Over”
#94 Javier “Time After Time”
6/29/2011 9:08 AM #1 Dia “Inventing Shadow”
#2 Javier “Stitch by Stitch”
#8 Javier duet “Man in the Mirror”
#13 Vicci “Afraid to Sleep”
#14 Dia duet “I Won’t Back Down”
#16 Beverly duet “Beautiful”
#35 Beverly “Lovesick”
#39 Dia “Losing My Religion”
#42 Vicci duet “Love is a Battlefield”
#58 Dia “Heartless”
#53 Javier “Fix You”
#77 Vicci “Dog Days Are Over”
#79 Javier “Time After Time”
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The Voice 110

The Voice
The Voice
It was no surprise from the result show announcing the finalists, who received the most votes the night before. It was interesting to see how the coaches ranked the artists within his or her team though.

Cee Lo performed his latest hit “Bright Light Bigger City” in retro style. He always wear funny wig and last night was no exception. I am pretty sure that his wig would be a hot topic for the next few days. Adam couldn’t help himself but laughed the entire performance.

Cee Lo gave 51 to Xenia and 49 to Vicci. He gave lower score to Vicci because he didn’t like the drums performance but I disagree. The drum performance actually made Vicci stood out and her performance was one of the best the night before. Luckily the 2 points didn’t make a huge deal because Vicci won the audience votes by a landslide.

I was thinking Adam might gave Casey a higher score but I was wrong. He actually gave 35 to Casey and 65 to Javier. He believed Casey will have more chances in the future since she is only 18. Javier has too many setbacks and he deserve a chance to go final and even win the competition. As predicted, Javier received the most votes from audience.

It was so cool for Blake to take Dia and Xenia to one of his concert tour and perform live on stage. Xenia even get to meet her idol Brad Paisley. Blake is definitely torn between Dia and Xenia, therefore the split 50/50 score. Dia and Xenia score so closely but at the end Dia gets to go the final.

Christina did the same thing as Blake giving 50/50 split for Beverly and Frenchie. Beverly advanced to the final.

It will be a tight fight between Dia and Javier in my opinion.

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The Voice 109

The Voice
The Voice
Last night show was the semi-final. The results was announced for Cee Lo’s and Adam’s teams. The final 8 contestants will then performed to fight for their chance to get to the final.

My prediction came through. Vicci Martinez received the most votes (as I expected) and Nakia was chosen by Cee Lo to perform in semi-final. Nakia does have the talent to advance the team further. Adam was so funny trying to whine about his upcoming decision to pick one of his team member to advance to semi-final. Javier Colon (as I expected looking at the sales of Javier’s performance in iTunes) was saved by the votes. Adam saved Casey Weston from elimination and I think Adam always has a soft spot for Casey throughout the competition. It was sad to see Jeff leave the competition because he is definitely deserve to be there for the semi-final.

Country music seems to have the least support in this competition. None of the country music artist was able to hang on for the rest of the competition.

Frenchie Davis performed first performing “Like a Prayer” by Madonna for the semi-final. Christina planned to spin the song into a soulful and church choir style but I don’t think the song choice is perfect for Frenchie. I think a slower beat song would suited Frenchie better so she won’t get too out of breath. Her vocal is very powerful but at times, the backup singers voices seem to drown Frenchie’s.

Cee Lo wanted Nakia to step out of his comfort zone performing Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want from Me”. I think the song choice is perfect for Nakia even though he has doubts. Starting the performance with only the piano build up the tension into the song and Nakia nailed it. Is the long pause on purpose? That threw me off a bit.

Dia took over during the rehearsal for R.E.M. “Losing My Religion”. Blake allowed her to showcase her creativity. I definitely see Dia’s growth throughout the competition. She sure has her own unique style but I wonder if she is able to get out of her comfort zone and do a different style?

“I will always love you” was originally from Dolly Parton and later became a hit song when it was performed by Whitney Houston. There’s a little fact that I learned from the show. Casey and Adam head-butted during the rehearsal hoping it can push Casey to perform the song in her own way. However, Whitney Houston’s version is a classic and it is certainly very hard to beat.

Adam Levine with Maroon 5 joined by Christina premiering the “Moves like Jagger”.

Christina wanted to use the Beverly McClellan’s strong blues background to help her in the next performance on “The Thrill is Gone” originally by B.B. King. It definitely paid off and it was the best performance so far for the night. She definitely took over the crowd with her performance.

Javier Colon performed “Fix You” by Coldplay. I can’t say it was my favorite song from Javier but it does have its moments. As usual, Javier’s performance on the song is on top of the sales chart in iTunes and he is getting a lot of support of votes there.

Blake Shelton accompanied by Dia Frampton and Xenia performed his latest hit “Honey Bee”. I can tell Blake has emotions invested in both Dia and Xenia and wanted them to be successful. Xenia did not look comfortable at all up on the stage. She need to overcome her stage fright fast.

Xenia deserved to be in the semi-final for her unique voice but her weak performance doesn’t help her very much. She was given second opportunity by Blake and I feel she did not use it fully. Her vocal was all over the place during the performance of “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script.

Vicci Martinez chose the perfect song for the semi-final, “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and The Machine and did an amazing job. She looked like she had tons of fun with the drums on stage. Her performance was the best performance of the night.

My prediction:
Christina – Beverly McClellan
Blake – Dia Frampton
Adam – Javier Color
Cee Lo – Vicci Martinez

All the coaches should put in some negative comments from time to time so the contestants can grow from them. Show with only positive comments will get bored soon.

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The Voice 108

The Voice
The Voice
It’s the second live show where they were announcing the semi-finalist from Christina’s and Blake’s team as well as the performances from Adam’s and Cee Lo’s team for the semi-final spots. Christina actually looked pretty good with the minimal makeup.

Up first was the result for Christina’s team. Beverly was saved by the votes from last week. Christina saved Frenchie from elimination. It was truly an emotional night for Christina. Raquel’s and Christina’s dresses were so tight and short but the vibrant color looked good on them.

It was revealed at the end of the show that Dia was saved by the votes and she is shoo-ed in for the semi-final. Blake saved Xenia from elimination because he felt Xenia can still be mold. Jared Blake and Patrick Thomas are more experienced than Dia and Xenia. I am still not sure Xenia is the one Blake should go for unless she is able to fight her stage fright. Patrick did seem a bit disappointed when Blake didn’t choose him for the semi-final.

Blake always to try to bring a comeback on each performance. He is the most fun-est coach.

Tori and Taylor Thompson performed first with “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”. The Thompson Sisters sort of took over during the rehearsal. They sure looked having fun performing the fast-beat song and it was very entertaining. Blake made fun of Cee Lo on the costume choice fantasy.

I love the song choice from Adam for Casey Weston, “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”. The performance from Casey was very close to the original version and it was good. The performance debut her strong vocal and her style.

Solid performance from Vicci Martinez singing “Jolene”. I don’t feel the song bring out the wide range of her vocal but it was a entertaining performance. Thumbs up for Cee Lo for putting together the performance the audience will enjoy.

Devon Barley performed One Republic’s “Stop and Stare”. This song always gave me a bad boy image and Devon just doesn’t have it. This is definitely not the best performance from Devon and I think he is the weakest among the four contestants within Adam’s team.

Each coach took their team out for a team bonding activity and Cee Lo took his to a spa for massages. I would be weird out by that idea. Cee Lo then performed a fun group performance. His wig was the talk of the night and Adam couldn’t stop laughing during the entire performance.

The competition continued with Nakia performing Kings of Leon “Sex on Fire” His soulful and strong vocal nailed the song and had the audience all riled up.

After such a strong performance from Nakia, Jeff stepped up the plate by singing “Jesus Takes the Wheel”. It was a very emotional song for Jeff and it will score some sympathy votes for Jeff. He will always be the favorite in the competition. The song however didn’t showcase her strong country vocal as much as he liked.

For the team bonding activity, Adam invited his team to his house. That invitation to his place was very personal and not many big superstars are willing to do that.

Curtis Grimes performed “Addicted to Love” and that performance didn’t stood out for me personally. The last performance from Curtis got everyone fell off their chair with the smooching with Emily Valentine. The performance just didn’t popped by himself alone.

Javier has charisma on stage. He performed “Angel” which is now on #11 spot on iTunes best-selling. That is very impressive. In my opinion, I like the song in a more mellow and slower beat. It seemed a bit rushed when Javier performed it live. Adam looked nervous about Javier performance since the song was chosen by Javier but it was a right choice. The song is tailor-fitted for Javier.

I am voting for Vicci, The Thompson Sisters and Nakia for Cee Lo’s team. Javier Colon, Casey Weston and Jeff Jenkins from Adam’s team got my votes. My prediction would be Nicci and Javier will be saved by the votes while The Thompson Sisters and Casey Weston will be saved by the coach.

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