Bloodstone Saga Series

Bloodstone saga has an interesting concept and it’s a first book I have read that linked Cleopatra into its plot.

Every Last KissFated

Every Last Kiss began with Macy, a teenage girl breaking up with her boyfriend, Derek when she found out he stepped out of bound of their relationship. The story continued with high strung emotions from Macy while packing all the things from Derek gave her. Supported by her best friend Jessa or Jess for short, she put up a brave face and brought all the things back to Derek’s house. All of the sudden, the plot thickened with an appearance of bloodstone necklace brought by Annen hoping Macy/Charmain changes the her destiny set by the Fate sisters and Macy whisked to ancient Egypt as Charmain, Cleopatra’s handmaiden. Charmain tried very hard to not change history because the repercussion damage is unimaginable. The love story between Charmain and Hasani was very moving and heart-breaking.

The ending set up seamlessly for the second book. I was looking forward to read the second book. Courtney Cole did a great job of intertwining the romance, suspense, thriller with Egyptian/Roman history. While reading the book, I wish I was there at the beautifully described Alexandria. I rated Every Last Kiss 4-star

The second book introduced more complexity by including more Greek mythologies. I was hoping the second book will follow the former with a touch of different history but it wasn’t what I was expecting. Macy was originally Harmonia, daughter of Aphrodite and Ares, hence the famous Harmonia’s bloodstone necklace. Gavin/Hasani was Cadmus, Harmonia’s husband. Jade/Cleopatra was Harmonia’s mother Aphrodite. Macy’s biological father/Marc Antohy was Ares. All four lives were intertwined for thousands of years. See how confusing it gets considering the length of this book? It seem rushed, therefore I gave 3-star rating for this book. I was frustrated with the cliffhanger ending from the second book though. Come to think of it, I don’t do well with cliffhanger. I kept flipping on my phone wishing there is a next chapter. I guess I just have to wait for the third book to find out what happens next.

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