ColombianaThe trailer pretty much tells it all on the plot. I was going into the theatre with low expectation and high plot predictability but the first half of the movie was actually better than I expected. The action stunts were brilliant.

The movie started with the younger Cataleya’s parents killed because they wanted to get out of the business. Before her father being killed, he gave her a micro-chip as ticket for her freedom. Keeping the ticket safe was a trip. The scene where Cataleya ran through Columbia on foot, sliding down the storm drain and arriving safely at the US embassy was mind blowing. I want my kid to be that self-sufficient on surviving.

The assassinations were well written and the cinematography execution was amazing. Zoe Saldana did a great job with all the acrobatic moves. I read somewhere that she is a ballerina and that skill is definitely helpful with this movie. The final fight scene between Cataleya and Jordi Molla however was disappointing. It just didn’t show the power in all the punches. The music for the fight scene was ridiculous and made the scene even weaker.

Michael Vartan was in the movie but he only played a small role as love interest for Cataleya. Cataleya was able to wipe the smirk off Callum Blue’s (Agent Richard) face when she put a bullet through a bulletproof glass of Richard’s office to get the location information out of him with the help from Lennie James (Agent Ross). That scene was priceless.

Overall, this is quite a decent DVD movie.

My Grade: B-

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