Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & AliensI wanted to watch this movie because it was directed by Jon Favreau (the guy who directed Iron Man!). Beautiful Olivia Wilde and hot Daniel Craig being part of the cast drove my interest further to watch this movie. I was definitely disappointed. Most of the exciting scenes are shown in the trailer.

The plot dragged slowly for the first hour of the movie especially right after I watched Friends with Benefits. I can safely say that I won’t miss anything from the plot even if I missed the first hour of the movie. The scenes switched between bright daylight and dark nights hurt my eye. The alien in the movie was really believable scary, way much better than Super 8.

This is one of the movie I gave a low rating and definitely recommended viewers to wait for DVD release. The naked Olivia Wilde did not add any bonus points to the movie.

My Grade: C+

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