InhumanI bought this kindle book back in December 15, 2010 but never got a chance to read it. I was looking for something for quick read, not my normal vampire/werewolves/angel paranormal series and saw this on my unread bookshelf.

The story started with a paranormal event and continued with a normal college life. Then it gets weirder and weirder. I am still debating whether the weirdness is good or bad. The story wasn’t memorable and the writing was average. I rated it 2-star.

Cassia Tiponi is your typical 20-year-old college student, broke and looking for something to help with her tuition. She participated as guinea pig in a medical experiment to earn $250 for each round. Little did she know, she is not human even though she looks like one, breaths like one and acts like one. She was detained at the medical facility because of her non-human DNA by the secret government agency. Being abandoned as a newborn (mom died to give life to her), she has no idea who she is. She managed to escape with the help from Keanu (yeah, like the actor), her boyfriend who was undercover to figure her out. Cassia later found out she was part of the prophecy for populating the earth with seed for better human.

This book contains sexual and emotional distress and definitely not suitable for YA.

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