Destined (The Vampire Journals #4)

DestinedI know, I’m a sucker. I told myself not to get the next release of the series right after the third book two weeks ago and I failed. My OCD just kicked in and I want to complete the series even though the plot wasn’t that good.

I liked the way the author describe Venice and Florence. These 2 spots are on top of my next travel trip.

I disliked (no, hated should be the right word) the Kyle character so much to a point I was basically skipping the part of the book that talked about him. The author did a great job creating such a detestable character. The plot was getting ridiculous which every vampire from present can travel back in time anytime they wanted and able to foresee the future. These unique abilities were supposed to be limited to a handful vampires.

As usual, the feeling between Blake and Caleb bouncing back and forth for Caitlin. Blake was killed off in this book but then the ending asked Caitlin to go back more in time to find her father. Blake will be back again, yay! I like her relationship between Caitlin and Blake more than Caitlin and Caleb.

Looks like this will be long series and I hope I can pull myself back from getting the next book.

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