FavoriteI have Passion (Fallen series) and Everlasting (Immortal series) on my bookshelf but I didn’t want to read them because I have to re-read previous books to remind myself where the last book left off. I thought I gave Favorite a try since this one seem seem short and stand-alone. I bought this book back in January 5 (wow, almost 6 months ago) based on my Kindle purchase request and the cover looked a bit different from the one I bought. I actually like the old grayscale cover better, it looks cleaner and more sophisticated.

Now, back to Favorite, the book. I am not sure how I feel about the book. I don’t hate the book but it definitely not going to be one of my favorite.

Angel Favorite or Angie, 16 year old girl whose mother disappear on her 11th birthday. Raised by her grandmother with her brother Jason. Her dad was a rock musician trying to make a big break in the music industry, always away from home and not an ideal candidate to raise a family, and looked down upon by her grandmother as unfit for her mother.

Angie suffered injuries and landed in a hospital after Scott Bittner trying to grab her and insisted her to follow him to see something. Scott was arrested by the police and eventually committed suicide in jail. Angie told her grandmother to go enjoyed her vacation on a cruise with her new fiance. Her dad came back to stay with them. Scott’s mother, Lillian Bittner invited Angie and her family over to her house to apologize for Scott’s behavior. Angie met Mike, Lillian’s grandson. Her sprained ankle from the outing with Mike and bad weather combined cause Angie and Jason to be stranded at Lillian’s house. Jason packed a couple things from home for their stay at Lillian’s including Angie’s cat. Angie’s cat wondered around the house and she discovered her mother, Laura was kidnapped by Lillian and held up in Lillian’s house for the past 5 years.

The author seems wants to cram in as much as she can into the book but it makes story seem rushed since it’s a very short thin book.

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