The Green Hornet

The Green HornetPersonally, I am not a fan of Seth Rogen but Jay Chou is a different story. I have been looking foward to this movie when I found out Jay taking  the Kato part. His accent in this movie though is not so desirable.

I can’t decide if this movie is a comedy or action movie, or maybe this is the issue. The villian is not evil enough. The heros are not heroic enough. The jokes or the good parts are shown in the trailer, so you won’t miss that much. Everything about this movie is being held back somehow and parts of the movie are very annoying. I was basically looking at my watch waiting for the movie to end. 

The 2 impressive things in the movie are the car with all the gadgets and that seriously good-looking-deliciously cappuccino.

My Grade: B

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