The Fallen Star

The Fallen StarI really want to like this book but it was hard. It was heading a good start with the fallen star energy power hosted with a girl and a secret group to keep it safe. The mix of vampires and witches in the story turned me off a bit and I can spell out the plot throughout the book. The writing duplicates at times, for example something happens and then Gemma would try to explain or deny the incident that just happened.

None of the characters from this book has a high likability except for Laylen. Too bad Laylen was not presented as love interest for Gemma because I think he will be a better candidate than Alex. Gemma was acting scaredy cat most of the time and contradicted herself at countless times. Obviously Gemma has the hots for Alex and she kept denying it. It was getting a bit old with the whole denying part when both of them obviously felt electricity flowing between them. Alex seems to have two sides of him, one which he was very protective of Gemma (the side I like) and two which he was bound with Keepers’ secret and not trusted his own heart especially at the end of the book.

The book ended with a huge cliffhanger and I would probably get the sequel to find out what happen to Gemma and feed off all the guilt Alex will be feeling.

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