Friends with Benefits

Friends with BenefitsA lot of people compared this movie with No String Attached though I personally can’t comment on that because I haven’t watch the other movie.

Friends with Benefits is your standard romantic comedy. It was funny throughout the movie and with a touch of seriousness from time to time, for example Dylan (Justin Timberlake) dealing with his father’s Alzheimer. The writer wrote the family background story custom fitted for Dylan’s emotionally unavailable and Jamie’s emotionally damaged characters. The jokes are fresh and hitting all the notes. It even gave The Ugly Truth a kick in the nut.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are very likable cast. The chemistry between Justin and Mila was sparkingly hot that makes me wanted them to be together in real life. Shaun White’s cameo popped. Woody Harrelson played an unconvincing yet funny gay. Like all rom-com, it ended with happy endings.

My Grade: B

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