ThorI was going in to the movie theater with such a high expectation and came out with a big disappointment. I don’t doubt it will get a big box office this week but Thor was a weaker summer blockbuster opener compared to Iron Man 2 last year.

The CGI was great but it went overboard that makes it felt unreal. I probably should have gone with the regular showing instead of the 3D since I was getting a bit of motion sickness from all the special effects. The story was a bit stiff and at times it dragged. I was expecting for a more bigger-bang moral lesson for Thor while he was being taught a lesson by his father. I just don’t believe Thor learn anything from his time on Earth. Loki was hoping to replace Thor’s position and do right by his father but eventually gave up in the end. Have you ever seen a villain giving up that easily?

Natalie Portman is a good actress but I just don’t feel the sparks between her and Chris Hemsworth. The supposedly close friends of Thor just wasn’t convincing being his buddies. The scene where Chris Hemsworth half-naked doesn’t get old though.

My Grade: B

********** Updates **********

As I was expected, the weekend box office for Thor was only 66 million.


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