Perfect Chemistry Series

Amazon was having a sale on kindle ebooks and I bought both Rules of Attraction and Perfect Chemistry for $1.99 each. I had read the book synopsis on Rules of Attraction at the bookstore a year ago and thought it was interesting but I didn’t get a chance to read it. The series is definitely a getaway for me from all the paranormal series.

Perfect ChemistryRules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction is actually a sequel to Perfect Chemistry. I started reading on Rules of Attraction without checking out the background on the book. After reading Rules of Attraction, I started reading Perfect Chemistry right away.

I love Simone Elkeles’ writing style, story from two main characters’ perspective flowing continuously and smoothy between the chapters. Usually, I don’t like the switch back and forth narration but Simone Elkeles did a great job. Perfect Chemistry was written with perspectives from Alex and Brittany while Rules of Attraction was narrated by Carlos and Kiara. The characters were alive through Simone Elkeles penmanship.

In Perfect Chemistry, Alex and Brittany from two different family background were forced to be partners in their Chemistry class. Brittany was the picture-perfect rich girl born north of the track and the captain of the cheerleaders. Alex was born on the south side of the track and member of the Latino Bloods gang. Both of them couldn’t be more far apart in their family background but they have a lot of similarities too, hiding their true selves. Alex joined the gang to protect his family and Brittany tried to be perfect so her parents won’t send her mentally handicapped sister away. Alex and Brittany soon discover each other vulnerability and started to fall in love with each other. Alex character was very sympathetic, I was very emotional towards the end of the book where he chose to get out of the gang by getting beat up to death.

Carlos on the other hand wants to be in the gang for the glory and money. He was send from Mexico to live with his brother Alex in Colorado against his will. After getting in trouble with drug in his locker at school, he was assigned to live with Kiara’s family. The romance between Carlos and Kiara was lacking compared to Alex and Brittany but nonetheless, I love the book. My favorite character in Rules of Attraction is Tuck. He is funny and he embraced his sexuality.

Both books have happily ever after ending and their epilogue was as cheesy as possible but I am just way invested in the story. This series is definitely going into my favorite list. I am looking forward to reading Chain Reaction which will be published on August 16th, 2011.

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