To write better is to write more. That seems to be the common advice from all the writing guides I bought, hence, this post.

The title of the post sounds familiar? This morning, I heard a cool quote with the similar meaning for the first time: “You can forgive a man making a million mistakes but you can’t forgive a man making the same mistake a million times.” I like how the words swapping and give a different meanings within a sentence. I was able to find another similar saying: “once bitten, twice shy”.

I am pretty confident that everyone heard that saying before or even apply on themselves at least once during their lifetime.

Could this be a main idea of a story? It is a very simple idea. There are times when I wanted to throw the book I was reading out of the window because the main characters in the book kept making the same mistakes over and over again. Even though I was frustrated with the book, I kept on reading it. That’s just me. What about other readers? Would they have given up on it?

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