The Iron Quill

The Iron QuillI was very disappointed with the third installment of The Pace Series. It was pretty amazing how Ms. Shorts was able to put a book out based on such thin plot. I was practically kept flipping the screen on my iPhone to look for more Wes/Sophie together time. The first two books mainly narrated by Sophie and the mix of narratives from Sophie and Dr. Carter threw me off sometimes. Sometimes, I was like “Hold on, who is talking now?” and I have to go back and read the title.

Long story short, Wes rescued, Sophie contracted HIV (Tim Walter’s doing), and Wes and Sophie got married. The only suspense part of the book was figuring out if cure was available for Sophie or the experimental drug from Wes’ laboratory was going to work. Wes’ rescue pretty much flat and uneventful. Basically, Sophie figured where Wes would be taken and Dr. Lyons basically wheeled Wes out in a gurney. Being someone captured to reveal his secret, Wes wasn’t tortured except for the pail of cold water. Chase was the only sympathetic character especially when he committed suicide and did the right thing at the end to bring Tim Walter to justice.

The wedding was poorly executed. I had more fun reading the wedding scene from Twilight: Breaking dawn. The Sophie’s nose bleed was a setup for the next book. I was not able to foresee any good plot from this onwards after reading this book. I wish Ms. Shorts would combine the next book with this book because The Iron Quill was not satisfying at all. I rated this book 2.5 to 3 stars.

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The Pace Series

I really needed a good book fix since the last 2 books had been a bust for me. I really do sound like an addict.

The PaceI was looking for something short to read without a long series. I started on The Pace and it is a great read. I was immediately hooked after reading the first couple of chapters. The Sophie and Weston characters are developed and have a high likability. Wes was an immortal and that reminds me of Alyson Noel’s Immortal series but I actually like the background setup by Shelena better. Wes was a successful medical experiment of transfusing cold blood from alligator and other chemical in 1916.

Sophie, 18 year-old, going to an online high school. She promised her mom she would meet her at the university where her mom worked every Thursday for lunch. On one Thursday, Sophie accidentally backed up to Weston’s (or Wes) car. Not only Wes did not asked Sophie to pay for the damages for his car but he chipped in the deductible for damages on Sophie’s car as well.

There was one incident leaving a deep impression on me was a girl fell over the rail and Wes jumped in the cold water to prevent Sophie jumping herself. After rescuing the girl, Wes asked Sophie to take him home instead of letting the paramedics taking him. Not knowing what she got herself into, Wes putting a huge trust on Sophie. I’m not giving the spoilers, you have to read the book to find out the roller coaster events and emotional strung within the events. Wes’ gentle and caring ways has Sophie falling in love with Wes even more.

A book can’t go without a hero or heroine. In this case, Wes rescued Sophie from Andy, psycho ex-boyfriend Sophie had in her previous life, kidnapped Sophie to force her to reveal the secret of immortal life. Andy thought Sophie and Wes were both living the immortal life when he saw both of them together on campus.

The Broken LakeAfter reading The Pace, I continued on with The Broken Lake immediately. The book progressed with Sophie in the hospital and introduced a new character, Chase. With the Sophie kidnapping, it put Wes and Sophie in the public eye which they wanted to avoid at any cost to hide Wes’ secret.

I am not clear on Chase character’s purpose in the book. He was recruited by Timothy (Andy’s grandson) to keep track of Sophie and Wes. In the mean time, he was terrorizing Sophie and Wes was bothered by him.

The book focused on the love story between Sophie and Wes. They were able to escape to a nice vacation at Kerry’s family cabin in Virginia. Wes was not able to handle the cold weather but both of them were able to handle the issue together patiently. Their love blossomed the more time they spend together. Unlike The Pace, The Broken Lake ended with a cliffhanger. Wes gave himself up in order to save Sophie and the rest of the gang. Sophie was then approached by Dr. Lyon to come up with ideas on how to rescue Wes.

I can’t wait for Iron Quill to find out what is going to happen next to Wes and Sophie.

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