The Last Song

The Last SongI read the book a couple months ago and didn’t like it that much. The pace of the story is pretty slow but hey, it’s by the author of “The Notebook”, that sort of give me a nudge to finish the book.

The movie is about a NYC girl, Ronnie (short for Veronica) moving to the south met a boy with a dark secret, how they both fall in love with each other and how Ronnie and her dad patch things up through music. The story did get pretty sad and emotional towards the end when her dad’s cancer claimed his life.

Bobby Coleman (Jonah) totally bring the movie alive. On the other hand, I still can’t imagine Miley Cyrus being anything other than Hannah Montana. Is it me or is Miley Cyrus lips are getting more pouty-ier? 🙂

The movie is definitely geared more towards kids over 12 years old.

My grade: B

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